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In 1907, a full color postcard was sent by “Daisy” to “Mr. Philip L. Given, University Club, Middletown, Conn.”  The color photograph on the front is printed to very edge of the card, and the back is divided, with space for both a message and the address.



“Have lost your address.  Hope you get this.  Am here but home sick.  Maria has just been here and gone, going home tonight.  Wish I could.  Dandy place. Lots of nice girls.  Better take a trip down & see…”


To  Mr. Philip Given, Middletown, Connecticut, 1907.
CCHS 500.15.34A



Postcards were perfect for catching up, but also to express feelings like homesickness, and the hope of a visit.  We don’t know if Mr. Given was a boyfriend or a brother, but as a student at Wesleyan, he surely would have enjoyed receiving this postcard.


Homesickness was often a theme in the postcards sent at the beginning of the school year.  A similar color picture postcard was sent in fall 1907 to “Miss Florentine Monnig, 1051 Marion Street, Denver, Colorado.” 




To Miss Florentine Monnig, Denver, Colorado, 1907.



“Well how’s ‘Flossie’?  I hope just fine.  Wish I were back with you all for we always had such a great time together. Am crazy about school now, but at first, did you say homesick! …”




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