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But many postcard writers claimed to be having a “dandy time” at school. In 1907, “E.K.” sent a Chevy Chase picture postcard to “Mr. James Levering, Piqua, Illinois.” 


To Mr. James Levering, Piqua, Illinois, 1907.
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On the front, she wrote:

“Mighty sorry you were defeated in the Springfield game.  It surely is cold enough here for good foot ball practice these days.  E.K.” 

And on the front:

“Here is school.  What do you think of it? We are having a dandy time.” 


A different sort of card was sent in 1907 to “Miss Barbara Snitzar, 440 South Cherry St., Vicksburg, Miss” by her sister and features the Chevy Chase School pennant in black and gold.


The card was published by W. E. Ewart, Topeka, Kansas, as part of their College Pennant Series, No. 285.  This was the kind of postcard that communicated “school spirit.”
To Barbara Snitzar, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1907.
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Over the years, many different postcards of the school were produced, and presumably sent by students.  The collection of Chevy Chase College postcards at the Chevy Chase Historical Society highlights a popular form of communication used in the years before telephone calls to family and friends were common.

The picture postcards were a “dandy” way for girls and young women to keep in touch.


Learn more about postcards in the Chevy Chase Historical Society collection at the online exhibit on our website: Minnie E. Brooke: A Postcard View of History.