• Conversation with Producers

    Public Screening Of New Chevy Chase Documentary, and Conversation with Producers  - November 15, 2006

    Area residents were invited to learn how a helicopter, a 1915 ragtime tune and computer animation helped flavor the new documentary film, “Chevy Chase,
    Maryland: A Streetcar to Home,” in a conversation with the producers at the Chevy Chase Historical Society’s fall meeting on Wednesday, November 15,
    at 8 p.m. The meeting, which included a screening of the new film, was held at the Town of Chevy Chase Town Hall in the Leland Center, 4301 Willow

    Co-producers of the documentary, Martin Huberman and Mary Anne Hoffman, described what it took to tell the story of one of the nation’s early streetcar
    suburbs, suggested special features the audience could look for in the film, and then answered questions following the 32-minute show.  Work began in November 2005 on the project, which was funded by the Chevy Chase Historical Society and contributions from Chevy Chase Village, the Town of Chevy Chase, Section 3, Section 5, Martin’s Additions and Chevy Chase Bank.

    Longtime Chevy Chase residents Fred B. Winkler and Marion Esch Potter -- who remembered riding streetcars on Connecticut Avenue until the mid-1930s –
    were interviewed for the film, along with local historians Judith H. Robinson, William Offutt, Eleanor Ford, Elizabeth Jo Lampl and Kimberly Prothro Williams.