• Cummings Lane

    Cummings Lane


    This exhibition looks at the evolution of one street in Chevy Chase, Cummings Lane, from a farm lane to a suburban street. Through a focus on the homes and stories of the residents of the street, the exhibition shows the dramatic transformation over a period of 100 years from acres of farmland to “Martin’s Additions to Chevy Chase,” a modern suburban area lined with single family homes.

    Image credit: Members of the Cummings family, c. 1920-1923.

    "When I was a young fellow, Cummings Lane was a cinder road. They used to go up to the powerhouse at Chevy Chase Lake. They’d get a couple of wagons full of cinders and dump them on the street. Later on, they paved it. When they paved it, of course, Cummings Lane stopped right here [at the boundary of Martin’s Additions], and our private road went down and came up into our yard." - Andrew Cummings (1915-2011), CCHS 1986 Oral History Interview
  • Cummings Lane

    Cummings Lane homes c. 1985

    From farm land to suburban street, this exhibit explores suburban development from 1848 to 1947.

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  • The Cummings Farm

    Hand drawn map of Cummings Lane c. 1885

    View area maps and learn about the origins and development of the Cummings property.

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  • Pleasant Grove

    Image of Pleasant Grove house prior to 1947

    This section describes the home Mary Cummings built in 1893 and features photographs of the home over time.

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  • "Cy" Cummings

    Cy Cummings family photo with their horses and pony in front of Pleasant Grove

    Learn about the renowned Chevy Chase sportsman, successful farmer, and popular politician.

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  • Harry M. Martin

    Image of Harry M. Martin

    This section discusses the Chevy Chase real estate developer and how his “Additions to Chevy Chased” transformed a small farm lane into the modern residential street called Cummings Lane.

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  • Suburban Residents

    Three Orme Children on riding toys c. 1914

    Read about the first new houses built on Cummings Lane.

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  • Farmland to Suburb

    Montgomery County, Maryland Atlas image of Cummings Lane c. 1949

    The conclusion to the exhibition features resources for further information available at the Chevy Chase Historical Society.

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  • About the Exhibit

    Men with hounds on a fox hunt

    Learn about the sources for the exhibition.

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