• History-Go-Round

    History Inside and Outside the Neighborhood!

    CCHS's Famous "History-Go-Round" Tours

    History-Go-Rounds are group tours to local historical sites arranged by CCHS for anyone with an interest in local history. The idea for these group tours was developed by former CCHS Board Member Susan Elwell as an opportunity for both CCHS members and non-members to learn more about our shared history. To get an idea of the variety of past HGRs (as we sometime call them) that CCHS has organized, see the list below.

    Generally, CCHS schedules at least one History-Go-Round a year -- in the Spring or in the Fall. These are often linked with one of our free lectures. The HGRs are free, or offered at a nominal cost to cover lunch, to both members and non-members. Reservations are generally required.

    Previous History-Go-Rounds

    April 9, 2016: National Capital Trolley Museum, Silver Spring, MD.

    April 11, 2015: A Tour of Peirce Mill with Steve Dryden, Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC.

    December 7, 2014: A Tour of National Park Seminary, Inside and Out, guided by members of Save Our Seminary, Silver Spring, MD.

    March 23, 2013: The War of 1812: A Tour of both Fort McHenry and the Maryland Historical Society's Special Exhibit on the War, Baltimore, MD.

    May 2, 2012: A Tour of the Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC.

    March 24, 2012: A Tour of the Clara Barton National Historic Site, Glen Echo, MD.

    December 1, 2011: A Tour of the Mary Surratt House, Clinton, MD.

    April 10, 2010: A Tour of National Park Seminary, Silver Spring, MD.