• A Message from CCHS

    Like so many of you, we at CCHS have been deeply affected by the death of George Floyd and the ensuing events throughout the country. We feel the same shock, sadness and anger that are reverberating across our community, our nation, and indeed the entire world. Even as we struggle with the public health and economic crises of the COVID pandemic, the racial injustice of our past and our present has been laid bare.

    We at CCHS stand shoulder to shoulder with those fighting for human equality, social justice, and the dignity of every individual. Our community’s history of accomplishment is accompanied by a history of racial and religious discrimination and inequity. Acknowledging that fact is part of CCHS’ mission to collect, record, interpret and share our local history. We must learn from our history, and also unlearn the attitudes and behaviors that manifest injustice or bias.

    Now more than ever, CCHS commits to the values of inclusion, empathy, humility, and respect for all persons. We will move forward with open hearts, open minds, and open arms.

    Mary A. Sheehan
    and the CCHS Board of Directors