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    Funding and Support

    This exhibit is funded in part by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland.

    Special thanks to Angela Lancaster, President, and Mary Sheehan, Member at Large, and all of the Board Members of the Chevy Chase Historical Society for their interest and support of this project.


    Gail Sansbury, PhD, Director, and Danielle Swanson, MA, Deputy Director, of the Archive and Research Center, Chevy Chase Historical Society, curated and wrote the narrative for this exhibit, based on historical research by Alex Parker.  Diane Riker shared her own research about Chevy Chase Lake, and wrote and edited several sections of the exhibit.  We depended on the work of many others, especially former CCHS Board Member Eleanor Ford -- thank you for answering all our questions!  

    Thanks also to Helen Secrest, CCHS Board Member and Volunteer, who helped us keep up with our regular work at CCHS while we worked on this exhibit.  Digitization of images, documents and printed materials from the CCHS collection, was done at the CCHS Archive and Research Center, located at the Chevy Chase Library, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

    Sandglass Systems, Inc. designed and developed the website for this exhibit.  Special thanks to Andrew Fraser, Principal, and the Sandglass staff for their assistance.

    We thank the Montgomery County Historical Society and the Historical Society of Washington, DC for permission to use images in their photograph collections.  We also thank Ann Henry for permission to use photographs by Henry Arthur Taft; Harold Silver  for permission to use several postcards; and the family of LeRoy O. King, Jr., for permission to use photographs from his collection as well as his book.

    We also thank the U.S. Marine Band for permission to link to their performances of two John Philip Sousa compositions. URL links to these video recordings are courtesy of the U.S. Marine Band®. Use of these links/recordings does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Department of Defense, U.S. Marine Corps, or U.S. Marine Band®.  The terms U.S. Marine Band® and The President's Own®"are trademarks of the U.S. Marine Corps, used with permission.

    Roberto Xavier Rodriguez composed, conducted and recorded the music inspired by Eubie Blake’s “Chevy Chase Fox Trot” for the CCHS produced 2007 documentary film, “Chevy Chase, Maryland:  A Streetcar to Home.”

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