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    The "Fairy Lights" and the "Wooded Island" in 1899

    The Fairy Lights and the Wooded Island were described as "illuminations" in a display advertisement on page 10, June 7, and a “veritable fairyland” in an article on page 10, June 2, both in The Evening Times, in 1899:

    The Evening Star
    The Evening Star, June 7, 1899, p. 10

    “Fairy Lights for Chevy Chase Lake"

    Visitors to the World’s Fair, at Chicago, will long remember the enchanting scenes on the Wooded Island during the summer evenings, when lit up by apparently innumerable miniature lamps in glowing colors, giving it the appearance of a veritable fairyland.  At a heavy expense the management has arranged with the Chicago Lamp-Candle Company for a revival of these delightful scenes at Chevy Chase Lake for the week of June 4, 1899.  Thousands upon thousands of fairy lights in all hues will cast their multi-colored reflections on the placid surface of Chevy Chase Lake.  There will be music on the waters, and illuminated boats; none can afford to miss it.”


    A "Naval Battle" on the Lake in 1900

    In 1900, the “Naval Battle” during the 4th of July week was described in The Washington Post, July 3, p. 11:

    The Evening Times
    The Evening Times,  July 13, 1900, p. 5

    “Chevy Chase Lake was the scene of a naval battle last evening which, while there was not as much at stake as at the Battle of Manilla Bay [sic], was almost as spectacular. The way the miniature boats threw shot and shell in the shape of Roman candles, would have done credit to any navy under the sun. The display of fireworks, in conjunction with the Naval Battle, will be the special attraction at ‘the lake’ each evening this week at 9 o’clock.”

    The Battle of Manila Bay, in May 1898, was the opening battle of the Spanish American War.  The simulated Naval Battle was so popular at Chevy Chase Lake, it was extended for a second week.  The Washington Post, July 8, p. 24:

    “Thousands of men, women, and children found relief from the intense heat each evening during the past week by taking a ride out to Chevy Chase Lake. This popular suburb is distinctively a family resort, where clean, wholesome, and instructive entertainment is provided each evening.  On account of the excellent drawing qualities of the naval battle and water fireworks, this spectacular production will continue for a week longer. In addition, there will be a submarine explosion, representing the blowing up of a sunken battle ship, which is said to be a grand sight and very realistic.”

    The “set pieces” or displays were not so frequent after 1900, although at Easter, for example, a cross made of lights sometimes accompanied a “sacred concert.”  But the “Fairy Lights” continued, probably until the amusement park closed



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