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    . . . A Note about our Sources . . .

    Our sources for the exhibit come from the Chevy Chase Historical Society archives and include photographs, maps, memoirs, and oral histories.  Local newspaper accounts provide additional historical context for these artifacts, especially printed publicity notices of coming entertainment acts.  In addition, paid advertisements, sometimes small, sometimes large, provide information about special events held at Chevy Chase Lake.  Find more information in the "About the Exhibit" section.

    Despite the documents and news reports we have collected, we still do not have a complete understanding of what Chevy Chase Lake looked like at different times.  For example, we have only a few photographs of people at the lake, even though Kodak’s Brownie camera was introduced in 1900.  We wish we had photographs of the bowling lanes, the shooting gallery, the beautiful band shell, and the dance pavilions that are described in oral histories in the CCHS collection.  Can you help us?

    Please let us know if you, or your family, have additional snapshots or any other historical evidence related to Chevy Chase Lake. Your help, and your comments, will be greatly appreciated!



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