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    At least some of the staff lived on campus in the early years.  Others may have lived in the District of Columbia, commuting to their jobs on the streetcar.  A long one-story building located behind the main building is identified as “Servants Quarters” in a 1916 Sanborn Insurance Map.  It is just west of the central wing that extended from the main entrance; the dining room was located on the first floor, with dormitory rooms on the upper floors.  The building can be seen in an aerial photograph from the Chevy Chase 1927 Catalogue, and it is still shown in the 1927 Sanborn Insurance Map, but it is no longer identified as “servants quarters.”

    Without records to identify these employees or “servants,” our evidence depends on the staff photographs for administrators, house mothers, and school nurse, as published in Joan Russell’s 1949 Yearbook.

    Click to see a PDF of the Staff from the Joan’s 1949 Yearbook, CCHS 500.03.05.  

    But there is no formal recognition in the yearbook for those who prepared and served meals, or cleaned and cared for the buildings and grounds.  Two photographs, one of waitresses and another of cooks, appeared in a large format photo brochure, Views of Chevy Chase, Washington, DC.  The photographs were probably taken in the early 1940s, and they were used in subsequent publications for the college. 

    • Waitresses at luncheon
      "Luncheon," Views of Chevy Chase Washington, DC, 1940-1949, CCHS 500.09.05
    • Cooks at cookout
      "Hot Dogs - Southern Style," Views of Chevy Chase Washington, DC, 1940-1949, CCHS 500.09.05


    Joan Russell remembers that in the late 1940s, “Our meals in the dining room were served by white coated servers.”



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